Hello all,

I spend a lot of time at the cinema, probably more time than I should, going once or twice a week thanks to the membership scheme of a certain cinema chain. This has led some of my friends to suggest I review the films I see in a blog. I have been hesitant to do this as I am no cinema intellectual who can shed light on the true meaning of films and spout lyrical about the beauty of cinema. I am just a normal guy who likes watching movies. I am also not great at getting my ideas down on paper, or even the ether that is the internet. However I have decided to give it a try.  I usually see one film a week and hopefully will be able to get my review up soon after (but don’t hold your breath). Sometimes I may see a couple of films a weak so there may be more reviews. I have even been known to go to the cinema twice in one day! I will say here that I am an avid podcaster of 5 Lives’ film review programme which could result in my reviews of films being effected by there, should I hear their review before I see a film. Oh well, these things happen.  Just a couple things to say before I start; I am no fan of 3D, and I rarely go to horror films. 3D is a bit of a waste in my opinion. Usually early on in a 3D showing the film looks pretty blurry to me, especially in movies where the camera is constantly flying about, and then after this initial problem my eyes adjust and I forget it’s even in 3D, so what’s the point? When done right I think 3D can provide a great degree of clarity and depth to a shot as was the case with some of the vistas in ‘Prometheus’, and, I have noticed, sport on TV. However in general I find 3D rubbish and an added expense, and will now only go to a 3D film if it’s in IMAX or 3D only, what is this hold the ‘Resident Evil’ films seems to have on me, they are so bad! With horror I am just not a huge fan, unless it is a sci-fi horror like ‘Alien’ or ‘Event Horizon’, this could change, you never know. I don’t think my feeling about 3D will though.  So that’s that, and let us see what happens. I hope you will find these reviews helpful, maybe even entertaining, in deciding how to spend your cash at the cinema.

P.S. My top 5 films are ‘Star Wars’, ‘Almost Famous’. ‘LA Confidential’, ‘Kick Ass’ and ‘High Fidelity’.

P.P.S. Hello to Jason Isaacs.


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